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Praise for The Transparent Feather
by BJ Appelgren

"This is an inspiring tribute and an engaging tale of a serendipitous friendship
leading to growth and self-revelation."
-Joyce Lerner, Riverwoods, Illinois

"I think the aspect I liked the best was how as Berry's story faded and failed,
yours grew stronger and took her place. There was a sublime and touching passing of the order.
I also enjoyed the authentic way you explored the writing process. You revealed it, you didn't 'how to' it....
-Best Regards, Robert Dixon Bell, history teacher, Glengary WV

"I just finished reading The Transparent Feather and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.
I found it to be well thought out, well written, well structured and well worth it! Thanks!"
-Dan Sperling, public relations, former journalist; Alexandria,Virginia

"You have written a wonderful book that has come from your heart and put it down on paper
so that people can picture and relive the events right along with you. Peace,"
-Millie C., retired nurse, Berryville, Virginia

"Your book is absolutely incredible. I stayed up late last night reading
before going to sleep, and am reading again this a.m. . . .(It) has universal appeal.
The Transparent Feather is a many layered book full of rich color and marvelous descriptions."
-Mary Lehman, editor, The Shepherdstown Observer, Shepherdstown, WV
"Your email reminded me to tell you how much I enjoyed your book.
It was very well-crafted. I read it at every chance that I could get and had a hard time putting it down because
it really held my interest. I found the way that you ended it to be intriguing and unique. Congratulations."
-RS, Jefferson County, WV

"I want to thank you for one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I've had in a long time.
I picked up The Transparent Feather on Friday night and could not put it down until Sunday night when I turned the last page and felt sad and disappointed.......I wanted more. Your words touched me, reminding me of the journey we all share and the people we meet along the way who influence our lives. Thank you again.
-Connie Batelli, homeopathic practitioner, Riverside, Illinois
BJ and Berry quietly shared the every-dayness of time slipping on,both knowing Berry was dying.
And for this exchange of feeling cheer instead of fear, I feel infinitely indebted to them both.
What an intimate meeting with the infinite at a time in my life when such changes are quite imminent!
This is a book I needed and will need again, for it reads like poetry. As a clinician and psychotherapist,
I know others need it too--a non-gendered spiritually committed version of Tuesdays With Morrie.
-Dr. Heidi Spencer, psychotherapist, Shepherdstown, WV
"My aunt gave me your book. It is a wonderful story, and I am finding so many similarities with myself in it! This past year in particular, I feel a whole other journey about to open up for me,  and perhaps one that will present me with greater introspection and knowledge. What perfect timing to receive your book for the central theme of this new journey I have been presented with is about finally coming into who and what I really am, discovering my true purpose(s)...and at last living a life in complete harmony with my soul."
-Robyn Alezanders, writer
 "This is a complex work, immediately rewarding as the story of a new found passion and unexpected friendship – the elegantly awkward exchange of vitality between one human being and another. As one door closes, another opens. In it's depths, however, one is invited to an eclectic meditation on the many forms of "parenting." In particular, that grave yet pregnant moment, in the long slow dance of parent and child, teacher and student, when familiar roles reverse – challenging each to embrace, or resist, the intimation that death is calling the changes".
Stephen Longworth, psychotherapist, Boulder, CO

To order The Transparent Feather: write to Zillah, Inc., P.O. Box 887, Charles Town, WV 25414
Check or money order $14.95, shipping & handling $4.00; WV residents tax $.90
To contact the author for speaking engagements to service organizations, book clubs, hospice,
and retirement communities, use website: http://www.transparentfeather.com


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