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The Transparent Feather

Berry Morgan, a prize-winning author living out her days in a nursing home, works out a unique partnership with an aspiring writer. BJ Appelgren will transcribe Berry's memoirs, and in return Berry will help improve BJ's writing. The unanticipated friendship at a critical time in both women's lives surprises them. While working on her memoirs, Berry creates a unique course in writing that causes BJ to re-examine the inner turmoil of her baffling perceptions regarding death and the mystery of after-life.

The elder's optimistic influence does not end with her death. Unexpected events conspire to bring The Transparent Feather to a life-affirming conclusion, and BJ, herself, to a belated coming of-age. This book speaks to anyone who has had an intuitive experience but whose rational outlook may have gotten in the way of appreciating the true meaning.


"...beautiful book, in all ways. I wanted to send my huzzahs to you!" -Belleruth Naparstek, author of "Your Sixth Sense" and creator of guided health improvement tapes at Health Journeys.  The website is http://www.healthjourneys.com


"I absolutely loved your book! I was glued to it the whole time I was reading....and I'm going to recommend it to my friends. Not many books like it that I know." -Marion Gough, (BA, Duke U; M.M.Ed., U of MD), music teacher and researcher, secretary, Foundation of Mind-Being Research--where science and consciousness produce wisdom.

...a reader's comment from Amazon...***** Emilie Du Chatelet, IL "This book is fantastic! It is a beautiful and touching glimpse into the experiences of someone in the midst of an amazing personal transformation. This inspirational work centers on the author's exploration of her true heart's desire (becoming a writer). In the book, it is clear that along with the cheap breitling replica development of her writing talent, life provides her with an additional reward; She walks away with an increased awareness and deepened understanding of relationships, life, death, and the importance of the present moment. This is a wonderful and inspiring read, and I highly recommend it."

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